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Susan Dealy is a woman who has been blessed with many gifts in her life. She was born and raised in a small town of 905 people.

From 1976-1996 Sue was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, and presently she is a Home Care Worker and Entrepreneur.

From 2008-2016, she was a member of a Non-profit charity organization called CHAMA, helping to empower women in Africa so that they may live better lives.

It was her obsession for improving the quality of life for people in the village of Ohofia, in Nigeria, Africa,that compelled her to seek out others who shared her passion in this regard.

In 2011,she watched a Television documentary about a young man who had survived the Sudanese Civil War. His courage, faith, indomitable spirit and unconquerable instinct to survive touched her deeply. From within herself Sue heard a still, small voice guiding her to reach out and find him.

With God’s guidance, she connected with

Riiny Ngot on Social media.   A solid friendship was quickly forged between them, and their motto is: “LET NO PERSON KEEP U FROM THRIVING IN LIFE.”

 Dave Yablecki, a former Financial Planner, was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In 1995 he moved  to Victoria, BC. and now resides in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. 

He possesses over 35 years’ experience in the areas of Marketing, Promotions, Sales, Consulting,  Management, Writing and Website/Graphic Design. 

Dave has experience in the creation, proof reading and revision of newsletters,website content, fliers and brochures; as well as business and legal documents, such as Exclusive Distribution agreements, Non-Disclosure agreements, Marketing and Entertainment Performance agreements, and various forms of Media Recording contracts.

In May 2013, he relocated from Victoria , BC. to

Nova Scotia where he had the good fortune to connect with Sue Dealy.